Temporary Airman Flight Authorization Certificate

Documents needed for Applicant is:

1- Copy of Passport.
2- Copy of foreign Certificate & License and should by singed in the rear side.
3- Copy of current and valid FAA Medical (at least for the next 6 months).
4- The pilot should send (by him self) verification of his foreign certificate to:
                    Capt. xxxxxxx E-mail: xxxxxxx
5- Copy of Commercial and Instrument or ATP Exam.
6- Copy of Evaluation test.
7- Applicant should fill GACA Form S&ER400B clearly and accurately on both sides and singed by administration and sealed by authority.
GACA PDF Form S&ER400B).
8- English Language Proficiency Test Certificate. (GACA PDF ELPT FORM)
9- A complete copy of flight log book.
10- 4 Recent photos 3*3 cm with white back ground.